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Electronic versions of information flyers we regularly give to customers:

Printable reflectors

Printable sheets to use as reflector boards when sending photos of dents:

End of lease Fair Wear and Tear inspections

Information sheets on returning leased/hired cars:

Repair extents – ‘blending’ and ‘tinting’

The vast majority of high-profile repairs end up being much larger than the the original damage. A ‘perfect’ paint match is a scientific impossibility:

The two approaches that correct inherent paint match errors are applying the new paint wider than the repair area to transition it smoothly (‘blending’) and spending labour time adjusting refinish paint recipes (‘tinting’). Even among paint manufacturers, there is no challenge that these corrections are necessary:

‘Touch-ins’ or ‘Buffing/Polishing’ light damage

We recognise there are occasions when customers want to avoid the cost of full, professional repairs. We don’t offer DIY-style or ‘tidy-up’ work as a professional, paid service, but can help as a courtesy:

Repair aftercare

How best to care for a fresh repair and what will void the warranty:

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